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History of Automotive Glass



In the beginning having a windshield was a luxury item, actually sold as an option when purchasing a vehicle. Driving open vehicles and wearing goggles made cars a fair weather activity. The manufacturing of closed cars, trucks and buses made the demand for glass increase sharply, and this has been on a steady increase since.

By 1919, 9 out of 10 cars had a one person top, and side curtains. Ten years later in 1929, 9 out of 10 vehicles were sporting wrap around glass. This provided protection to the passengers from wind, road debris, and inclement weather. These advances made driving a every day, year round activity. Pleasure driving was now a possibility, to go out and see, and to more importantly be seen. The manufacturing of glass had taken the vehicle from a means of transportation, to a social status unit.

In 1924 the production of glass from a batch method, to a continuous ribbon increased manufacturing efficiency and quality. Increasing efficiency and quality of the glass helped make it affordable enough to be widely used in the automotive industry.

Another major event in the automotive glass industry occurred in 1927 with the invention of safety glass. Before 1927 glass would break into many dangerous sharp shards. Glass companies found that by laminating a thin layer of film between two layers of glass, safety glass was made. This eliminated the dangers of broken windshields. Over the years improving on this technology has put safety glass in place in all windshields. This greatly reduces injuries, and helps to contain the passengers in the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Beginning in 1934 and continuing to 1957 vehicles has begun the transition from flat glass to curved windshields and rear glass. This greatly improved styling freedom in the vehicle.

In the early 1960's curved side windows began to appear in the automotive market. Increasing interior room and passenger comfort was a necessity with the booming automotive market.

Today vehicles use tempered glass that has the characteristics of breaking into small, granular fragments, with dull edges. This greatly reduces the threat of injury to vehicle occupants even with broken glass around them.

Glass continues to evolve by using fighter jet technology in HUD (Heads Up Display) projection onto the windshield. You can find heated windshields and back glass, and many vehicles come with tinted glass that reduces UV rays and solar heat. All of these advancements to improve safety and passenger comfort when driving in your car.

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